Idaho Petite Burrito Frijoles

Idaho Petite Burrito Frijoles



  • 1 lb 1000 Springs Mill Red beans, cooked & mashed
  • 2 cups chopped sweet onions
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • ½ cup bacon drippings
  • 1 teaspoon Tabasco Sauce
  • Salt (to taste)
  • ½ lb Monterey Jack cheese
  • 3 dozen (8-inch) flour tortillas


    Makes 12 dozen Burritos

    Fry beans, onions and garlic in hot bacon drippings until dry and crispy. Season with Tabasco sauce and salt to taste. Cool. Cut cheese into ½ inch pieces. Cut each tortilla into four pie-shaped wedges. Shape beans into oval shapes around cheese cubes. Wrap with tortillas fastening with toothpicks. Lightly sauté for 3-5 minutes, until lightly browned. Remove toothpicks before serving.

    To cook beans: Soak beans overnight. Drain and rinse beans. Add 4 Cups of water to every 1 cup of Red Beans. Liquid should be 1-2” above top of beans. Bring to a boil: reduce heat and simmer about 1 ½ hours. Or pressure cook for 10-12 minutes (see manufactures directions).