Need More Energy?

Try our whole grain Wheat Berries! What’s the secret behind Wheat Berries and Energy? It’s that four
letter word-IRON! You got it.

What foods provide iron? The good news is that Iron is found in both plant and animal foods. Plants
such as spinach, beans, oats, lentils and quinoa provide this essential mineral while beef, poultry, tuna
and shellfish are also excellent sources.

How does iron give you more energy? Iron carries and delivers oxygen throughout your body. The more
oxygen your able to able to receive and take up, the more energy you get! For example, when you finish
exercising, you’ll notice you have more energy-that’s because exercise improves the flow of oxygen
throughout your body!

Don’t hesitate to ask the dietitian any questions you may have regarding our products and the nutrition
of our products. Afterall, Healthy People, Healthy Future!