What is BARLEYmax™?

BARLEYmax™ is a complete whole grain that has a ton of nutritional benefits! This barley grain has a significantly superior nutritional profile compared to many other commercially available grains.

A single serving of BARLEYmax™ contains 2x the fiber and 4x the resistant starch of most other commercial grains!

Meet your new favorite superfood:
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Bowl of BARLEYmax

More Fast Nutrition Facts

BARLEYmax™ has a ton of other nutritional benefits!

Resistant starch: this prebiotic fiber helps fuel good gut bacteria
Soluble fiber: this fiber slows down carbohydrate digestion
B-glucan: this soluble fiber reduces cholesterol absorption
Insoluble fiber: helps improve overall bowel function

How to use BARLEYmax™?

The ways you can use BARLEYmax™ are virtually limitless!
This versatile superfood can be used in any meal to:

Replace your everyday grains such as oatmeal, rice, or cereal
Boost fiber levels in smoothies, dips, and soups
Help bind together meatballs and burgers, OR to replace meat
Add flavor and texture to homemade bread, cookies, and other baked goods
BARLEYmax Smoothie

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